Sag Aftra 

Actor & Model


-Best Actor Winner in the NYU Festival for "Love is Blindness". 

-Best Narrative Actor Winner in the FHHS Festival for "Mobster Betrayal". 

-Fitness bodybuilder - two time 1st place winner naturally. -Fluent Languages - Perfect English (with no accent), Hebrew, Russian, Bukharin.

 -Did Improv and Theater work in NYC and Broadway for 10 years. 

-Filmmaker for 5 years. Worked in many film genres and won several film festivals.

SCHOOLING: -Stella Adler's Theater School. -Brent Harvey's Acting Master School

  • Personal Info:

Has a California and New York registered drivers license. Has a workers authorization permit - expires in 2023 Work as a manager at MilkBar for 3+ years experience. Great hospitality experience in the management field. Has worked as a manager in the food industry.

  • Social Media:

He is an instagram / social media influencer - IG @Yakov.Me He currently has over 50K plus followers. Social engagement is high with daily post, IG story engagement. He has a YouTube Channel/ YouTuber - YouTube.com/YakovKolontarov (Partnered with YouTube) He currently has over 38k Subscribers. Does weekly videos of Short Films, Modeling videos, Sketch comedy, crime drama, historical fiction, personal blog, fitness, and Vlogs.

  • Modeling:

Has done Runway modeling, underwear modeling. Also has done hands for hand-modeling, well manicured, clean at all times. His body is shaved at all times. My modeling also includes, not limited to Print/Motion Pictures Short Film/Commercial Acts, Website modeling. 

  • Sport

Basketball Played as a point guard with average points of 24 points per game Great offensive player - Amazing shooter, with layups and 3 pointers! Makes 95 % of his 3 point shots. Can dribble behind back, through the legs, and dribble between hands.

Volleyball Plays at the YMCA on a team for 5 years Capable of fast serves and scores with skilled technique Great working with a team and leading to victory

-Fitness / Work Out Running Has Great running skills Capable of Running long distance, Able to Sprint, Jog, Jump. Prefers to run outside on the streets / sidewalks. Trail runner Runs 5 days a week for cardio. Works out to stay lean and in shape. Can run a mile in under 6 mins Former Personal Trainer in weightlifting and HIIT workouts. Was previously certified as NCCA & EHFA Accredited taine.

Body Building Two time, back to back, 1st place winner of INBF and MuscleMania bodybuilding I do weightlifting 7 days a week for an hour a day. I'm an expert in this field because I have done 30 bodybuilding shows. I know how to flex effectively for each pose to show all my muscle definition. Has been training for 10+ years. Capable of Benching 215 lbs, Clean 215 lbs. Has experience in Callisthenic workouts as well. Great at Crossfit HIIT fitness classes.

Gamer - Video competitive gamer since he was 8. Mainly first-person shooters (Halo/Call of Duty) but also plays Madden, WWE 2k18, NBA 2K and FIFA. He plays Fortnite weekly with friends as well.

Animals: I absolutely love all types of animals like cats and dogs mostly. I get along with all types of animals and breeds, and have no fear of them. He previously owned 2 cats and 2 dogs. Currently has a 4 year old stray cat named Disney.

  • Kids:

I love working with children. Babies, young kids, teens. I have one brother who is 15 years old. And many younger cousins that I have babysat.

  • Languages / Dialects:


  • Hebrew first language / native tongue

-Russian my third language -Bukharin speak it fluently since I was a kid.

-His dialects are New Yorker because I lived and grew up there since I was 7 years old. -I could do a perfect Boston, British and Russian accent. I use practice accents in NY improv class

  • Available Local Hire:

He is available as local hire for Los Angeles, NY, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco (all of Bay area) and anywhere else in the United States of America

-Food/Drinks: Advanced on making ice cream and juices - Special smoothies, certified food handlers licenses in California. His best creations are Pineapple protein shake. Also, make soft serve ice cream swirls like the one in Milkbar.

-Filmmaker 10 years of experience, Best Narrative Director Winner in the FHHS Festival for "Mobster Betrayal" Cinematographer for 5 years. Worked in many film genres such as comedy and action for the film of NYC. He also has done a 20 mins wrestling animation that was hit on YouTube. He knows how to use Vegas Pro for editing films and clips.

-Improv/Actor He won Best Actor Winner in the NYU Festival for "Love is Blindness". He did Improv and Theater work in NYC and Broadway for 6 years. He has been in both film and TV shows, the most notable TV show he was in was Lone Star Justice (a crime drama series) He goes to Hollywood Improv every two week to do small improv skits.

-Commercial Acting classes. He takes classes at Sandra Merrill Commercial Acting Classes




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