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Yakov Kolontarov - Actor/ Model

I'm Israeli born but I'm an American actor, filmmaker, writer, and producer. I started my career as a bodybuilder then as animation filmmaker. I was with a keen interest in building a body with full package and seemingly hungry for success, I parlayed as a two-time 1st place winner in Teen Bodybuilding Division in 2012 and 2013 and this turned me and my brothers to build a production named "Kolontarov Brothers Production". Then I started producing and directing animations for 3 year as short films that was successful on YouTube. The animation show I did ended in 2011. After a series of horrible starts in my films production, I got an idea to make a film called "Billion Dollar Disk" (2012), I directed and it was a success, it received positive reviews from lots of critics around the web. Several more scripts that I wrote, directed, produced, and acted was "Burial Bullets" (2013) and following that was me playing as mob leader in film that was based on a true story "Mobsters Betrayal" (2013) I wrote that script, and the audience loved it and it also won Best Narrative at the Film Festival. Most of the help I receive are from my brothers when it comes to doing a film. On September 20, 2013, I teamed up with my brother Shalom Kolontarov to make a film called "Money Talks Bullshit Walks". Recently I made my first feature movie I directed/produced/acted named "NYC Finest" (2014) which was Action, Thriller and it received positive reviews. I also recently won a Filmmakers festival for best "supporting actor" for "I SAW A DEMON" film. I'm currently working on my second movie and I'm learning about this beautiful film business and how it operates. ...

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